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Last Updated: Saturday, January 28, 2023

A Potent Anti-Viral And A Synergistic Combination Of Immune System Enhancers (High Concentration Water-Soluble Solution)


Vitamin B6, Lysine, Vitamin A, Methionine, Vitamin E, Zinc Chloride and other proprietary patented mix of Taurine, Carbasalate Calcium, Pidotimod and GABA.

Product Description

  • AMPHIFLU-EX is a unique combination of the most advanced feed additive in the market in the form of water-soluble powder.
  • AMPHIFLU-EX contains a well-balanced formula of Pidotimod, Calcium Carbasalate, Taurine, GABA (γ aminobutyric acid), and Methionine-Chelated Zinc. In addition to that, AMPHIFLU-EX contains a combination of the most important vitamins such as Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, and other microelements to help as combat stress during disease, post-vaccination, and other stressful conditions. Pidotimod is an immune system enhancer that promotes the production of interferon and antibodies, which in turn, help combat viral infection. Other ingredients in AMPHIFLU-EX work synergistically to help improve the animal's appetite and capacity-increasing production and improving the physiological functions for faster recovery from illness.
  • AMPHIFLU-EX helps the animal in improving tolerance for symptoms associated with viral and bacterial infections.
  • AMPHIFLU-EX helps in the processes of excreting urea through the kidney.
  • AMPHIFLU-EX helps through improving physiological function to aid in neutralizing endotoxins and inhibit the endogenous inflammatory mediators (a-TNF), thus assisting sick animals survive severe sepsis and multiple-organ dysfunction.
  • AMPHIFLU-EX shows synergistic effects, improving the efficacy of antibiotics. Complements microelement and vitamins, anti-stress.

Product Benefits

  • AMPHIFLU-EX can be used before and after vaccinations to promote the production of antibodies and maintain the animal's well-being.
  • AMPHIFLU-EX can be used as the prevention and adjunctive supplement during viral disease, especially immunosuppressive disease such as ND, IB, IBD, and proventriculitis of poultry.
  • AMPHIFLU-EX provides excellent support in stressful conditions such as long-distance transportation, sudden change in weather, and high temperature, during symptoms of growth and development retardation, weakened resistance against disease and infections, and loss of appetite and weakness.
  • AMPHIFLU-EX can be given either alone or in combination with chemical or antibiotics, as recommended in severe cases.